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Video: VonMercier Releases Electric Hovercraft R&D Test Footage

The Arosa conducted some simple maneuvers, but also successfully transitioned from land to water.

Two weeks ago, we reported on the new Arosa electric sports hovercraft from VonMercier. 

The brainchild of mechanical engineer Michael Mercier, the company's CEO and founder, the futuristic hovercraft has a two-person cockpit in an open-air cabin.

While the prototype had been tested indoors and in the elements, the company had yet to publish any video of the hovercraft in action, until now. 

Last week, the company finally released some test footage (see above) of the Arosa driving in a warehouse as well as on snow, gravel and water. In the video, the Arosa conducted some simple maneuvers, like turning and going straight, but also successfully transitioned from land to water. 

The hovercraft has a patented directional control system that moves forward, laterally, and reverse. The steering wheel governs the thrust fans for maneuverability.

The Arosa will top out at 50 mph on water, with a cruising speed of 30 mph. It starts at $100,000. 

It's a short video but provides a taste of things to come for the hovercraft. 

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