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Elon Musk Says Cyber Truck Will Float

For "a while," anyways.


Whn Elon Musk first revealed the prototype for Tesla’s much-anticipated Cyber Truck, perhaps the most memorable moment was when a demonstration of its shatterproof windows went awry. For the record, Elon, shatterproof means they don’t shatter.

But outside of this spotlight-grabbing incident, the Cyber Truck actually has generated some excitement amongst auto enthusiasts. For one, its exterior looks like the “cars of the future” that we’ve been anticipating for years -- boxy, metallic and seemingly impenetrable. Tesla is already taking pre-orders and hopes to have the vehicle ready to deliver by late 2021.

But besides a 14,000-pound towing capacity on certain trims and a battery capacity that Tesla says could reach an unprecedented 500 miles of range, Musk recently Tweeted about another never-before-mentioned feature: flotation.

A Twitter user recently asked the Tesla exec about the truck’s “wading depth” as it related to crossing a shallow stream during a hunting or fishing expedition. Could it be done without damaging the truck?

To this, Musk replied “yes” and “It will even float for a while.”

Unpacking this is hard, because Musk hasn’t given any specifics on what he means by “float” and what he means by “a while.” And since Elon can be full of shifts and surprises, who knows if we’ll see this. But he had also been doling out a little more info on Twitter here and there about other Cyber Truck aspects, including changes in the design that will lower the windows and make the vehicle a tiny bit smaller.

Musk also recently said a new air suspension system would allow for the truck to “kick butt” in off-road use.

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