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Aston Martin Unveils First-Ever Bike

It's about what you'd expect from the makers of James Bond's cars.

The motorcycle marketplace continues to face challenges as it adjusts to an evolving customer base less interested in loud pipes and excessive power. In response to these evolving consumer demands, designs have transitioned to focus on fuel efficiency and electric powertrains over big engines, and handling and maneuverability in exchange for size and flash.

Or, if you’re Aston Martin, you pretty much do whatever you want in rolling out your first-ever motorcycle offering. 

The British luxury car maker synonymous with James Bond recently unveiled the AMB 001. Created in partnership with iconic English motorcycle manufacturer Brough Superior, the Aston Martin bike features many of the bells and whistles you might expect from a high-end bike. 

First, a turbocharged, 180-horsepower engine drives the motorcycle, which will weigh just under 400 pounds. This places it on the high side as far as power goes, and the middle of the pack in terms of weight. 

The wheels offer double wishbone front forks with matte black brake assemblies. They’re offset by the traditional Aston Martin Stirling Green and Lime Essence racing colors, as well as a carbon fiber fin inspired by the company’s new series of mid-engine sports cars. 

Additional finishing touches include a hand-stitched, padded seat made from leather that can also be found on the handlebar grips. Wings attached to the front of the bike's cowl provide aerodynamic downforce that help improve top speed and handling. And finally, Aston Martin’s unmistakable stainless steel wings can be found on the motorcycle’s nose and tank. 

The bikes are being built in the Brough Superior factory in Toulouse, France. They’re set for delivery late next year. Aston Martin will only make 100 of the track-exclusive bikes, each carrying a retail price of $119,559.

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