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Volvo Wants You to Ignore the Super Bowl

If you're more interested in the commercials and halftime show for this Sunday's big game, then Volvo might have the gameplan for you.

So if you’re like my wife, whose only interest in the Super Bowl stems from Maroon 5, and more specifically Adam Levine, performing at halftime, then Volvo might have the gameplan for you. 

The Swedish automaker is offering a contest that runs concurrently with the Patriots-Rams matchup via their new smartphone game called The Longest Drive. Instead of watching football, participants have to view footage of the Volvo S60 that’s provided via The Longest Drive. Using facial recognition technology, it will track how much time each individual spends looking at their smartphone screen and the associated Volvo promotions. 

The top three viewing times will receive an all-wheel drive S60 Momentum to use for two years, along with a subscription to Care by Volvo. This service typically allows subscribers to bundle insurance and maintenance costs with their car payment into one monthly bill. It also allows members to switch out vehicles as frequently as every 12 months. 

In this instance, the winner is relegated to free maintenance, insurance and normal wear and tear services. 

Going back to the big game, from Volvo, players are allowed to listen, but can’t watch the Super Bowl. They also need to hold a valid American driver’s license, and although the game is compatible with Apple and Android devices, it will only work on certain devices, including iPhones back to the model 8, the Samsung Galaxy S6, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

 Players are allowed to start over as many times as necessary, and the contest will run through the Super Bowl and end when there is only one viewer left. So, it could last well into Monday morning. 

Volvo feels the contest and reward offer a stronger return and level of engagement than a 30-second television commercial costing at least $5.1 million. 

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