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Fidget Spinners Are the Latest Gadget That’s Exploding

When a mom dug up the fidget spinner's original packaging, the box had only the words "Made in China."

You know what they always say – it’s all fun and games until your fun and games start exploding.

The latest victim in the stockpile of once-cool toys that can now burn your house down? Fidget spinners.

If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, fidget spinners are pretty much just what they sound like – a toy for fidgety kids that spins along an axis with very little effort. In the greatest thing since the iPhone, it’s swept up America’s youth, who are bringing it with them everywhere, including class, replacing the doodling and note passing the rest of us did to pass the hours.

Unfortunately, reports are surfacing that at least two bluetooth-enabled spinners have now burst into flames while charging. The website Gizmodo says that these higher tech versions of the toy were designed to house internal batteries to power bluetooth speakers. The devices in question were both plugged into an outlet when they caught fire, “melting the spinner and scorching the surface below.”

The mother of a boy whose toy reportedly had this issue said the fidget spinner wasn’t just smoking; it had actually burst into flames after fewer than 45 minutes of charging. When she dug up the original packaging, there was no company name or branding on the box – simply the words “Made in China.”

Anyway, it’s the latest in a spate of fires and explosions relating to batteries. The Consumer Product Safety Commission told Gizmodo that it is investigating these incidents and recommended users “stay with products that have batteries when they are charging.”

I’m Anna Wells and this is IEN Now.

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