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SpotMini Cleans Your House, Stays to Dance

This "dog" makes yours look lazy.

Boston Dynamics is once again killing it on the robot front.

Boston Dynamics is the progeny of Google parent Alphabet – making it Google’s brother? Anyway, the company has been known for impressive feats in robotics, including – among others – BigDog, a quadruped designed for the U.S. military.

Well, there’s another dog in the Boston Dynamics litter. Meet SpotMini, a more consumer oriented bot that Gizmodo is calling a cross between a golden retriever and a baby giraffe. SpotMini weighs in at around 65 lbs. and uses electric motors to move around. On a full charge, you have 90 minutes of get up and go, depending on what chores you have it doing.

That’s right – Spot Mini can be taught to perform countless tasks like fetching you a snack or loading the dishwasher.

Yeah, my dog is just like this.

Oh wait, he’s never so much as lifted a paw to once help me with the dishes. Thanks a lot, Omar.

And once the house is in tip top shape, you and Spot Mini can blow off a little steam by getting your groove on. If you get thirsty dancing, who better else to "beer" you?

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