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Indoor Hover Drone Autonomously Stalks You

The world’s first autonomous flying camera uses proprietary artificial intelligence with facial recognition software.

The term drone has become synonymous will precise military strikescool overhead video and, of course, another way Amazon can avoid actually generating a profit. But Meng Qiu Wang, founder and CEO of start-up Zero Zero Robotics had some different applications in mind for his recently unveiled Hover Camera.

Described as the world’s first truly consumer-friendly autonomous flying camera, the Hover Drone is definitely more butterfly than bee … or maybe hummingbird is a better comparison.

Comprised of lightweight carbon, it weighs just over eight ounces and can be folded to the size of a smart phone for transport. Once unfolded, the unit, which uses a proprietary artificial intelligence to move in accordance to its surroundings, has no exposed propellers – making it a better fit for indoor use.

A lack of size and boost means the unit is very appropriately named, because it basically just hovers. A mobile app allows for slight repositioning, but the embedded AI ensures a level and focused image, using facial and body recognition technology to follow its owner around autonomously.

The propellers are contained in a carbon fiber mesh cage and powered by customized DC motors.

The 13MP main camera can capture 4K video and be adjusted 90 degrees down, 30 degrees up and left or right via a mobile device. Unfortunately, you need to be quick as the battery only lasts about eight minutes.

The Hover Camera is not for sale yet, but should be available on the company’s site sometime this summer, which means we should be hearing about how it violated somebody’s privacy by … sometime this summer.

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