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Lockheed Delivers Laser Weapon to Navy for Testing

The company is advancing and demonstrating a range of technologies to position laser weapon systems for success on the battlefield and at sea.

Artist’s rendering of Lockheed Martin’s HELIOS system.
Artist’s rendering of Lockheed Martin’s HELIOS system.
Lockheed Martin

This year, the U.S. Navy will field the first acquisition program to deploy the High Energy Laser with Integrated Optical-dazzler and Surveillance, or HELIOS, a laser weapon system with high-energy fiber lasers for permanent fielding by the U.S. Department of Defense.

This will be the only deployed laser system integrated into an operational Flight IIA DDG, and follows the recent demonstration of full laser power in excess of the 60 kW requirement. The scalable laser design architecture spectrally combines multiple kilowatt fiber lasers to attain high beam quality at various power levels. 

Lockheed completed the critical design review and Navy Factory Qualification Test milestones in 2020, demonstrating the value of system engineering rigor and proven Aegis system integration and test processes on the way to delivering operationally effective and suitable laser weapon system that meets the Navy’s mission requirements. 

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