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VW Invests Another $200M in US Battery Company

Solid-state batteries could significantly increase range and shorten charging times.

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The Volkswagen Group is investing another $200 million in U.S. battery specialist QuantumScape. The goal is to drive forward the joint development of solid-state battery technology.

In the future, solid-state batteries are expected to significantly increase range and shorten charging times further.

With the same size of a current battery pack, the solid-state battery could enable ranges for electric vehicles that are comparable to those for conventional drivetrains. Moreover, charging time could be significantly shortened.

WV has been collaborating with QuantumScape since 2012, and is the largest automotive shareholder with its previous investment of more than $100 million.

Closing of the new additional investment of up to $200 million and the associated increase of Volkswagen’s stake in QuantumScape is still subject to various conditions.

The two partners formed a joint venture in 2018 to enable industrial-level production of solid-state batteries for Volkswagen. Both partners envisage setting up a pilot plant and the plans are anticipated to be firmed up in the course of this year.

VW is working to achieve a carbon neutral balance by 2050.

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