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Ford Wants Drivers to Digitally Detox

About 70 percent of adults want a mandatory timeout from their devices.

The new Ford Explorer's Mindful Mode strips all information from the display except current speed.
The new Ford Explorer's Mindful Mode strips all information from the display except current speed.

After a recent Nielsen study found Americans spend half their day processing information from staring at a screen, the latest Ford Trends Report discovered more than half of adults around the world want a mandatory timeout from their devices.

Ford engineers are making it possible in the all-new Explorer. 

“We live in a world of ubiquitous screens, and the information can be overwhelming. New ‘Mindful Mode’ in the all-new Explorer offers a break from the constant stream of information and alerts bombarding us by giving drivers the option to disengage and take a moment for themselves away from the chaos technology can wreak,” said Lee Newcombe, Ford Explorer brand marketing manager. 

Offering its quietest interior yet, the 2020 Ford Explorer takes serenity to new horizons with a new innovative Calm Screen display nicknamed “Mindful Mode” on the new available 12.3-inch digital cluster.

When activated, “Mindful Mode” strips away all data allowing drivers to process less information behind the wheel, leaving visible the fuel, speedometer and the road ahead. 

With more features and choices appearing on human-machine interfaces today, drivers are at real risk of becoming overwhelmed.

Combined with the average amount of time spent with screens outside of vehicles, Ford considers mindfulness necessary for its customers to help reduce their stress levels behind the wheel.

Explorer’s new “Mindful Mode” employs theories of meditation and mindfulness – therapeutic techniques used to maintain mental wellness by focusing on just one element or moment in time – by eliminating data the driver may not need to see. 

“It’s no secret many people are tethered to their devices – engaging with screens at all hours day and night,” said Sheryl Connelly, Ford global consumer trends and futurist. “People are increasingly aware of and alarmed by their device dependency. Yet if there’s one opportunity throughout the day to reduce your exposure to digital demands, it’s when you’re driving. Ford’s new Explorer can serve as a sanctuary from chaos and distraction.” 

Smartphones and other devices stimulate the attention receptors in the human brain through various sounds, shapes and colors to get users engaged and coming back for more. The clean design of mindful mode in the all-new Explorer is intended to lull the neurons as our brains interpret its blue color scheme as soothing and tranquil. 

In addition to its new 12.3-inch digital cluster, the new Explorer further dials up relaxation with multi-contour seats, crisp 14-speaker B&O sound system, plus new Ford Co-Pilot360 Technology driver-assist innovations including available reverse brake assist and Active Park Assist 2.0 for added peace of mind. 

The all-new Ford Explorer arrives this summer.

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