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Update: Sig Sauer Fires Back on NJ Police Lawsuit

NJ state police recently filed a lawsuit against handgun supplier Sig Sauer. Here's an update with Sig's response.

Last week one of our most viewed stories was on a lawsuit that the NJ state police had filed against handgun maker Sig Sauer, but the firearms manufacturer hadn’t commented. Well, now they have.

The AP was reporting that Sig Sauer had sold 3,000 handguns to New Jersey State Police in 2014 for nearly $2 million. According to a lawsuit filed by New Jersey, when the weapons were delivered in 2014, many of the guns malfunctioned by not ejecting shell casings when fired.

We reported at the time that Sig Sauer had not responded when asked for comment, but since the story ran the company has responded to the suit publicly and said – you guessed it – it’s not their fault.

According to, New Hampshire-based Sig Sauer says it does not believe the widespread malfunction was caused by the design of the firearm, but rather the specific ammunition used by state police while testing a batch of 3,000 P229 9mm semiautomatic pistols.

Sig said failures were limited to the training ammunition used by the New Jersey State Police, and the P229s functioned when using their duty ammunition. It also contends that when the issue first came to light, the company diligently got to work on a fix, so was surprised when New Jersey then filed a breach of contract lawsuit.

The company stressed that it is committed to customer satisfaction, and stands ready to continue these discussions and work with New Jersey State Police to reach an equitable solution.

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