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Thieves Nab $3.75M Worth of Engines in Jaguar Plant Robbery

The brazen robbery was recorded by security cameras, where thieves were in and out in a mere six minutes.

Workers at a Jaguar Land Rover factory in the UK discovered an interesting scenario last week Tuesday when, upon arrival, it became evident that the facility had been robbed. And the details reveal that this was no ordinary heist.

MSN Auto is reporting that thieves absconded with $3.75 million worth of engines – and were in and out in the span of six minutes. The thieves were in full view of security cameras and, around 10:30pm, they entered the facility through a security-manned gate, connected their truck to a trailer that was holding the engines, and drove out. Fox News has added another detail – that the thieves grabbed some paperwork needed to make the motors look legitimate before booking it out the door.

I’m no Sherlock Holmes, but this quick hit, to me, suggests that the perpetrators might have had some prior knowledge of the factory’s layout before executing this swift plan. It also turns out their confidence didn’t wane after they dumped the trailer in a nearby town, and the crew had the brass to come back later that evening and take another trailer.

A regional newspaper, the Coventry Telegraph, is possibly making this weirder, by claiming that the same facility was targeted by a strikingly similar raid three years ago that was never made public. While we are unable to validate those claims, it would add an interesting twist to this thievery that sounds like it belongs in an Oceans 11-style action film.

I’m Anna Wells, and this is IEN Now.

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