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Quantum Materials Spends $3.5M on Equipment

The company is expected to expand its workforce by 10-15 percent.

Quantum Materials

Greensboro, N.C. – Quantum Materials, a manufacturer of custom, advanced textiles, is accelerating its investments in new manufacturing equipment to meet increased demand for domestic production capabilities.

The North Carolina-based company will spend $3.5 million to further diversify its business with customized state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to support research, development and manufacturing for non-traditional and high-performance woven textile solutions.

While the company had budgeted for capital investments in the latter half of 2020, global supply chain disruptions and market voids have generated a surge of interest in specialized domestic production capabilities.

Quantum has a vertically integrated structure to manufacture a wide range of high-performance yarns and fabrics offering advanced textile solutions to its diverse customer base. 

β€œOver the last 18 months, our R&D team has been working on proprietary, custom equipment designed to give us the flexibility to work in any textile-related industry needing specialized yarns and/or fabrics,” said Jeff Bruner, Quantum founder and vice chairman. β€œWe made the decision to fast track this project so that we can be a domestic resource due to many of the current global dynamics affecting our industry.” 

Quantum is known for creating suspension fabrics for office seating, including one of the best-selling and most iconic office chairs in the world. In developing high performance mono-filament elastomeric yarns, now known as the original 5280TM yarn technology, Quantum has built a reputation for innovation and quality among leading contract furniture manufacturers and other manufacturing industries. 

This new expansion will support growth in all areas of business, with an emphasis on growing the non-traditional textile segment. Today, the company supplies a range of specialized, custom fabrics to companies with needs in an array of industries, including filtration fabrics, woven tire cord, tubular belting, transparent window screens and other confidential government associated projects.

In addition to increased capital spending, Quantum is expected to expand its workforce by 10-15 percent and will invest in additional training for its employees.

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