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Ski Slope Tested Atop Incineration Plant

The plant processes waste from 550,000 residents and 45,000 businesses.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — An artificial ski slope on an incineration plant that doesn't emit toxins is being tested by skiers and snowboarders 85 meters (279 feet) above the otherwise flat Copenhagen.

The lower half of the slope at the Amager Resource Center opened on a snow-less Tuesday for two days' of test runs. Eventually, the entire run will be divided into three slopes with green sliding synthetic surface plus a recreational hiking area and a climbing wall.

The 4 billion kroner ($516 million) construction on top of the plant that has been producing district heating since 1970 began in 2013. It has been delayed by scandals and no opening date has been set.

Presently, it processes waste from 550,000 residents and 45,000 businesses, and produces electricity and heating to approximately 150,000 households.

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