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MICROMEASURE 2 3D Measuring System for Non-Contact Surface Measurement

It provides performance across a wide range of metrology uses.

Marposs Inc.

Marposs Inc. (Auburn Hills, MI) announced the STIL MICROMEASURE 2 3D Measuring System.

The MICROMESURE 2 high-performance 3D measurement system is ideal for non-contact surface measurement, providing performance across a wide range of metrology uses, including machined parts, electronics, semiconductor and wafer processing.

Its chromatic confocal sensing technology can measure dimensional attributes, surface roughness, three-dimensional shapes and microtopography and displacement of part features relative to datums and other features, even in challenging materials like glass and polymers.


  • High-resolution motors in X, Y and Z axes
  • 3D processing software
  • Computer and programmable motion controller
  • Three sizes of measurement stage – 100 x 100; 200 x 200; and 300 x 300
  • Compatible with all STIL sensors and controllers
  • STIL’s Mountains software
  • Depending on STIL sensor used, measuring range can be from 150 μm to as much as 30 mm

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