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DataMan 280 Series Fixed-Mount Barcode Readers

Premium decoding technology in a compact form factor.


Cognex Corporation (Natick, MA) introduces the DataMan 280 series fixed-mount barcode readers. The DataMan 280 is engineered to solve a broad range of ID applications, including tough 1D, 2D and Direct Part Mark (DPM) code applications in manufacturing and logistics. Specifically:

  • The DataMan 280 features a high-resolution sensor combined with a dynamic image formation system to improve code handling and coverage.
  • This technology, along with connectivity options for today’s Industry 4.0 manufacturing needs, allows users to read complex barcodes reliably while improving overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and throughput.
  • DataMan 280 is ideal for reading codes on automotive and medical device parts, bottles and packages, pallets and for presentation scanning.
  • Combined with Cognex Edge Intelligence (EI), it provides advanced Industry 4.0 features like easy web browser connectivity, device management and performance monitoring.
  • The modular hardware and software can be configured to solve any application and future-proof your investment., 855-4-COGNEX

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