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Faster Leak Detection Solution

Spectroline offers their food-grade fluorescent leak detection dyes for use in oil-based or water-based industrial systems.


Spectroline (Westbury, NY) offers their OIL-GLO and WATER-GLO Fluorescent Leak Detection Dyes for use in oil-based or water-based industrial systems. Features and benefits include:

  • The fluorescent dyes for circulating fluids can be part of a diagnostic/preventive maintenance program.
  • The dyes work safely with any host fluid without damaging the fluid’s properties or any of the system’s components.
  • The highly-concentrated nature of the fluids allows them to have more active ingredients per dose than other competitive dyes.
  • They meet food grade processing requirements.
  • Applications can include hydraulic systems, pipelines, turbines, liquid holding tanks, cooling towers, generator engines, chillers, reactors, solar systems and geothermal heat pump systems.


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