IO-Link Photoelectric Sensors

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Carlo Gavazzi (Buffalo Grove, IL) announces an expansion to the successful PD30 Photoelectric Sensor family with IO-Link. The company is introducing four special application functions pre-programmed into these sensors: Speed and Length, Pattern Recognition, Divider/Counter, and Object and Gap Monitoring functions. Each has been developed to optimize common industry applications through design simplification, flexible configurations, and ease of maintenance/troubleshooting. Features and benefits of the PD30 IO-Link Series include:


  • Reduced inventory saves money and warehouse space

  • Higher accessibility on-hand (configurable from a single part number) increases uptime

  • Less need for customization saves time and money


  • Avoid downtime due to early warning capabilities and even schedule planned maintenance prior to failure

  • More accurate sensor performance from optimal setup

  • Faster troubleshooting using logging functions saved inside the sensor


  • Faster sensor response time due to algorithms directly in the sensor

  • Simplified machine control system layouts thanks to decentralization

  • Reduced programming optimizes production processes, 847-465-6100
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