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Gates Announces Poly Chain GT Carbon

Gates is the first to apply premium grade carbon fibers in a patented dynamic application.

Why carbon? In today’s high-performance driven world, parts that need to be incredibly strong and lightweight aren’t made of steel. They’re made of premium grade carbon fiber.

Gates is the first to apply premium grade carbon fibers in a patented dynamic application, providing the Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt with exceptionally high power transmission capacity, strength, flexibility, and durability. Poly Chain GT Carbon synchronous belt drive systems pack a lot of power into a small space, matching the capacity of roller chain drives width-for-width in most pitch sizes and outperforming roller chain in even the most demanding high-torque applications.

Plus, Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon belt features enhancements that exceed any synchronous belt on the market, including better performance, more flexibility for use with backside idlers, and greater resistance to moisture.

It’s the ideal roller chain alternative, because it is maintenance-free, outlasts roller chain 3-to-1, accommodates the use of backside idlers, and has compact drive components that provide versatility to drive designers.

Gates Poly Chain GT Carbon belts work with Gates Poly Chain™ GT®2 sprockets as drive components engineered to work as a system, handling new, increased horsepower ratings. Plus, they come with free drive system design and application engineering assistance and time-saving design software. Check out some of our design tools today, including Design Flex®.

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