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Flow Conditioners to Enhance Pump Efficiency, Life

Eliminating flow disturbances due to crowded equipment conditions.


The efficiency and service life of pumps can be greatly extended by following the manufacturer’s installation recommendation for pipe straight run entering the pump. When cramped pump houses or restricted pipe runs make this impractical and costly, Vortab Flow Conditioners from The Vortab Company (San Marcos, CA) overcome this challenge by delivering a uniform, swirl-free flow profile to the pump inlet in as little as three pipe diameters.

Upstream flow disturbers, such as elbows, expanders or reducers, and valves, often produce non-uniform, non-repeatable and swirling fluid flow entering the pump that can lead to pump cavitation and other issues causing premature wear. The result is extra maintenance, expensive repairs and/or premature replacement, which can take equipment offline. Vortab products provide effective process conditioning to protect pumps.

The Vortab Company’s product line of process flow conditioners, with their exclusive flow profile and anti-swirl tab design, correct flow disturbances to mimic adequate pipe straight run and produce a highly repeatable, symmetrical flow profile., 760-736-6114

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