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Safety Couplings for Wastewater

The new safety coupling design features reliable, precise and consistent overload protection and high grade stainless steel construction.

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R+W America (Bensenville, IL) has developed a standard model of corrosion proof ball detent safety coupling for clarifier drives in water treatment plants. According to R+W, the industry requires a well sealed, high grade stainless steel mechanism to stand up to harsh conditions, resulting in the specific design criteria. The function of the ball detent torque limiter is to disengage the driveline to protect flights, chains and sprockets in the event of overload, which can result from the high gear reductions associated with the slow speed movements required in the settling tanks. The new safety coupling design features:

  • Reliable, precise and consistent overload protection.
  • High grade stainless steel construction.
  • Adjustable and tamper proof options.
  • Optional switch plate and / or extension hub.
  • The ultimate in torque overload protection for clarifier drives.; 630-521-9911

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