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Anti-Mar Covers Protect Work

Free-spinning covered drive tools increase operator safety and protect final finish on the production line.


Patented u-GUARD anti-mar covers from Apex Tool Group, LLC (Dayton, OH) provide a protective barrier between genuine APEX fastener tools and the finished workpiece on a production line, delivering protection against in-system damage. Advantages include:

  • Low durometer, thermoplastic urethane material that resists dents during incidental side impacts.
  • The ability to absorb side impacts, and does not produce raised burrs when impacted.
  • A non-removable cover to prevent tampering on the line.
  • Low sustained coefficient of friction between the cover and the tool produces minimal loss of tool efficiency.
  • Signature orange color, making fastener contact easier and station monitoring smoother.
  • Part numbers clearly marked for ease of identification.

The product line has grown to include u-GUARD gap covers which eliminate the gap between a socket and an extension or between the right-angle power tool and a socket extension, improving operator safety.; 800-845-5629

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