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Toshiba Launches 'First-of-its-Kind' Industrial Printer

The printer is also available in a print-and-apply configuration from Panther, a ProMach product brand.

Dl1024 New

Toshiba America Business Solutions' printing significantly simplifies everyday packaging applications for shipping and logistics operations. Beyond streamlining everyday tasks for warehouse professionals, Toshiba's Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer (DL1024) reduces costs and boosts productivity while helping organizations meet the demand for more sustainable printing solutions.

Toshiba's Duplex Linerless Thermal Printer simultaneously prints on both sides of a label without using a liner or backing material. Such ingenuity eliminates the plastic pouch and additional packing slip without producing any label liner waste enabling organizations to function more sustainably.

Utilizing the Premier Print & Services Group's Linerless DuplexPackSlip label, Toshiba's Duplex Thermal Printer reduces up to 40 percent of labeling costs. Toshiba's latest system meets this objective by reducing the consumables for an extra label as well as the materials necessary for attaching a packing list to a parcel. Toshiba's new printer also dramatically minimizes the labor time for applying package labels.

Rapidly delivering up to 24 labels per minute while featuring a considerable 3,000-label roll capacity, the Duplex Thermal Printer further enhances efficiency by reducing downtime with fewer label roll changes. Crisp and clear labeling is also a snap considering the system's near-edge printhead design and 203 dots-per-inch resolution.

Moreover, a vibrant and intuitive 10.1-inch LCD touchscreen control panel creates an even better user experience for logistics personnel. Touting ruggedized components throughout its stout design, Toshiba's Duplex Thermal Printer also withstands the harsh conditions many warehouses and distribution centers present.

"Toshiba's DL1024 duplex linerless thermal printer is a first-of-its-kind industrial printer streamlining both hand and auto-apply applications," states Toshiba America Business Solutions Vice President of Marketing and Strategic Business Development Bill Melo. "As the first and only duplex linerless thermal printer on the market, our aim is to help logistics companies improve throughput and reduce total operating costs while also lessening environmental impact."

The printer is also available in a print-and-apply configuration from Panther, a ProMach product brand. This system deploys the company's all-electric, servo-driven tamp applicator creating a fully automatic solution for more proficient operations. The printer additionally streamlines the distribution and fulfillment process while increasing efficiency by automatically applying both a shipping label and a packing list in a single application.

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