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Motion Control Positioner for Optical Applications

Linear Focus Actuator Model LFA-2010 has 10 mm range of motion, <50 nm positioning repeatability, and step response time of <3 msec.

High-force, low-noise voice coil motor is typically configured with an analog position feedback sensor and can be optionally configured with 1 µm-resolution digital quadrature feedback element.

Tubular architecture allows 20 mm clear optical path to go directly through middle of motor. Patented, dual Flexures system has zero stiction/friction.

Optics may be mounted via standard C-mount provided, or optional 12.7 mm lens socket.

C-mount provides options for adaptors to common microscope objectives like DIN or M25 or M26.

Applications include scanning interferometry, surface structure analysis, disk drive testing, autofocus systems, confocal microscopy, biotechnology, and semiconductor test equipment.

Plug-and-play configuration with servo controlled amplifier (shown), matching power supply, and necessary cabling for new or existing applications.

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