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eco-PEN XS 180 Represents New Milestone in Microdosing Technology

Deployable in various applications, including electronics manufacturing and medical technology.

eco-PEN XS 180
eco-PEN XS 180

Preeflow (Töging am Inn, Germany) announced the eco-PEN XS 180 for the lowest boundary ranges in dosing quantities. The eco-PEN XS 180 represents a new milestone in microdosing technology (0.25 µl**).


  • Overall weight of approximately 175 g
  • Frontal adaptation of cartridge allows for use of multiple dispensers per dosing cell in narrow grid spacing (~25 mm)
  • Can be deployed in variety of applications, including electronics manufacturing to medical technology
  • Ability to dose bead widths starting from >0.1 mm**
  • Ability to dose materials such as solder pastes, die-attach adhesives, edge-bond adhesives, electrically conductive adhesives, underfills or potting materials
  • Allows for wide range of viscosities to be dosed
  • Ability to dose solids-laden fluids with low shear

**Lowest dosing volume is dependent on application

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