Fischer to Feature New Milling Head Spindle Combo at IMTS 2022

The Milling Spindle MFW-2714/20 HSK-100 being featured at IMTS.
The Milling Spindle MFW-2714/20 HSK-100 being featured at IMTS.

Fischer (Booth 237470) will showcase its D27 milling head paired with a new technology for high-volume material removal in their MFW-2714/20 HSK-100 at IMTS 2022.

The new design is a combination milling head/milling spindle that provides maximum stability and precision for aerospace and other 5-axis machining operations.

Features on this advanced milling head and spindle combination include:

  • Precisely calculated mono-block structures made of high-grade cast iron paired with two cross-roller bearings for A-axis and YRT for C-axis which provide the highest load capacity to handle the cutting forces in all directions during power milling.
  • The D27 milling head specifically designed for the most powerful, as well as long-tooled, milling applications. With the high power and torque output, the D27 milling head still maintains its sleek symmetric outline while being dynamic and robust. To ensure accuracy and repeatability, the unit incorporates direct optical encoders, dual motors and dual clamps on the A-axis. The D27 milling head is intentionally designed to use the maximum power and torque capacity of Fischer's 275 mm spindles for the highest chip removal rate.
  • Paired with the D27 is the spindle type MFW-2714/20 HSK-100. The unit offers machine builders and end users a robust HSK-100 interface, max speed of 20,000 rpm and an S1 continuous power rating of 200kW.

Visit Fischer at IMTS 2022 in the North building, Level 3, Booth 237470.

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The Milling Head D27.The Milling Head D27.Fischer

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