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ArmorKinetix Distributed Servo Drive Reduces Labor Costs

Create leaner and higher performing automation machines with new, scalable drive solution.


Rockwell Automation, Inc. (Milwaukee, WI) has launched ArmorKinetix Distributed Servo Drives. This new distributed servo drive is an extension of the Kinetix 5700 platform and provides customers with a scalable drive solution that helps them deliver leaner, greener, and more powerful machine designs.

Manufacturers are increasingly seeking scalable solutions that simplify their machine control architectures, minimize the number of components, reduce manufacturing time, and optimize productivity. ArmorKinetix Distributed Servo Drives enable customers to achieve these goals by providing a simplified architecture that mounts the servo solution outside of an electrical cabinet. As a result, machines can now be designed to be more modular while reducing cabinet size, cabling, and cooling requirements.

The smart servo drives also include vibration and thermal sensors that can detect potential machine issues, providing the ability to proactively identify and address problems and increase system uptime. This proactive approach is a catalyst for increased productivity.

Companies now have a new opportunity to reduce the cost of manufacturing their machines, while increasing the scalability of their control architecture, improving energy efficiency, and creating more supportable machines. Key features of the ArmorKinetix Distributed Servo Drives include:

  • Best-in-class power density with minimal derating. 
  • Available as a distributed servo drive or as an integrated servo drive and motor.
  • Power output up to 5.5KW.
  • Advanced analytics using integrated vibration and thermal sensors.
  • Integrated safety technology capable of achieving SIL 3. 
  • CIP Security capability. 
  • IP66 certification. 

This new distributed servo drive technology lowers total system costs, improves productivity and increases uptime for manufacturers, making it a desirable option to enabling the next generation of production machines. 

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