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Extreme Duck Ultra Motor

The design is extensively tested and IP69 UL-certified to resist high-temperature, high-pressure washdowns.

Motion Sized

The new LEESON Extreme Duck Ultra motor design will feature a smooth, stainless-steel enclosure and an improved, independently welded foot mounting for easier cleaning and sanitizing. Now available from Motion (Birmingham, AL), these LEESON exteriors eliminate crevices where contaminants can collect, making it an ideal motor for use in the food processing, pharmaceutical, beverage and bottling industries. Included is an inverter-rated IRIS® insulation system—AC designs 1HP and higher; the motor features 10:1 constant torque operation. In addition, the Extreme Duck Ultra comes with an Aegis® grounding ring option to protect the motor from destructive shaft voltages when used with a variable frequency drive.

The design is extensively tested and is IP69 UL certified to resist high-temperature and high-pressure washdowns. Full body encapsulation—including both end bells—reduces air pockets where condensation can occur and ensures what’s outside, stays out. Entry points for contaminants are minimized, allowing drain plugs and breathers to be eliminated., 800-526-9328

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