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Safe, Weldable Coating

Plates protected with Nox-Rust 5400 can be welded together without having to remove the protective coating.

Daubert Cromwell Sized

The new Nox-Rust 5400 VCI oil from Daubert Cromwell (Alsip, IL) is shown to be a safe, ready-to-use, weldable coating that protects metal surfaces without affecting the quality of the weld. Corrosion protection on welded metals lasts for up to 5 years, indoors. Nox-Rust 5400is known as an effective corrosion inhibitor, providing protection for cold rolled steel and metal stampings, as well as metal parts used in the automotive, heavy equipment and machinery industries. The light oil leaves a lubricating, corrosion preventive film that will not interfere with stamping oils, or processing oils. It's now clear that Nox-Rust 5400 does not interfere with the welding process, either. Recent tests showed plates protected with Nox-Rust 5400 could be welded together without having to remove the protective coating with solvents or cleaning solution. The welding process and the weld itself were unaffected.; 708-293-7750

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