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Cost-Efficiency, Sustainability in Aluminum Anodizing

Improved technologies for the three key steps of degreasing, etching and hot or cold sealing in the aluminum anodizing process.


In complementing its latest developments for optimizing the conversion coating of aluminum products, Henkel (Rocky Hill, CT) offers improved Bonderite technologies for the three key steps of degreasing, etching and hot or cold sealing in the aluminum anodizing process:

  • The first step in anodizing is always dedicated to degreasing the surface. For brightened or high-gloss aesthetic parts that can’t be etched for anodizing, Henkel has developed Bonderite C AK 62115. The one-component degreaser simplifies product handling vs. conventional two-component alternatives and is also highly reliable in removing residual brushing paste from the part surface.
  • As a key player in the market of long-life etching additives, Henkel is well-known for its family of Bonderite C AK products combining low chemical consumption with optimized E6 results. E6 refers to a more thorough etching process compared to E0 and is frequently used to eliminate larger surface defects by actually removing part of the material. One of the company’s most recent product solutions in this field is Bonderite C AK 62250, which has been custom-tailored to combine the required high etching and finishing levels with excellent bath stability, including reduced drag-out and no foaming. This also makes it an economic compromise between caustic soda and other long-life etching products.
  • The final step in the aluminum anodizing process is sealing. Two highlights in Henkel’s dedicated product offering provide breakthrough solutions addressing demands for increased performance in hot sealing and minimized toxicity in cold sealing. Bonderite M ED 11011 is Henkel’s latest hot sealing additive, developed to at least double the standard life span of sealed parts and increase the productivity of single-step hot sealing by a minimum of 20 percent. With Bonderite M ED 11150/11151, Henkel is also underscoring its leading role in cold sealing solutions for anodized aluminum. Henkel’s new game-changing cold sealing additives are completely nickel-free, without compromising process time or sealing quality, and also QUALANOD approved.;

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