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BRECOroll Innovative Timing Belt

BRECOroll provides the solution for slider bed friction.

Brecoflex Sized

According to BRECOflex CO., LLC (Eatontown, NJ), its new product BRECOroll is the most innovative timing belt to hit the market since its move-series in 2014. Typically, toothed timing belts used for material handling tasks are very long. The beltโ€™s load side usually lies in a support rail which causes friction. BRECOroll provides the solution for slider bed friction. This new innovation has rollers integrated into the belt teeth. These rollers replace the sliding friction with rolling friction resulting in less stress on the belt and the motor. BRECOroll advantages include:

  • Longer belt life because of reduced friction and heat
  • Smaller motor possible due to reduced friction forces
  • Overall reduced energy consumption
  • Cost savings on down time for belt replacement and drive maintenance
  • Load bearing capacity of 6kg/tooth (13.2lbs/tooth)
  • Can accommodate backings and profiles (cleats), 732-460-9500

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