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Nutrunner Clamps Ideal for Automated Production Lines

New series of pull-down clamps for 5-axis machines, spring loaded heavy-duty supports and extensions for each.

Fixturew Nut Sized

Fixtureworks (Fraser, MI) has expanded its line of nutrunner clamps to include pull down clamps ideal for automated production lines, heavy-duty spring-loaded supports and a new extension that serve both new pull-down clamps. The clamps are an alternative to hydraulic clamps and provide robotic clamping, automated clamping and unclamping on automated and robotic production lines. Tightening with nutrunner clamps hold workpieces with high clamping force in machining and assembly line for instance. Specifically:

  • Nutrunner PTPD1 pull down clamps provide quick and secure fastening and are ideal for 5-axis machines and workpiece machining particularly on horizontal machining centers. When a workpiece is loaded onto the clamp and positioned, the clamping screw compressed in the clamp body fits by spring pressure into the tapped hole in the workpiece.
  • The heavy-duty work support PTNS1 is ideal for preventing the workpiece from chattering and deflecting. When a workpiece is loaded on the support, the piston lowers. Turning the hex head locks the piston into position. The hex head locking shaft can be locked and unlocked manually or operated with an impact wrench. The hex head makes it ideal for use with a nutrunner on  automated production lines. The high support capacity of this work support allows heavy duty machining. 
  • The PTRC1 extension units are suitable for operating PTPD1 pull down clamps and PTNS1 work supports from a distance. Attach an extension bar and hex socket to connect the extension unit to the clamp or work support. The hex head can be turned manually or operated with an impact wrench. The extension units are available to heights of 69 mm and depths to 66 mm., 888-794-8687

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