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High-Precision MILL P 500 for Part Processing Reliability

It reduces time-consuming, secondary manual polishing operations.

Gf Sized

Targeting mold and die makers in the ICT/segments and medical device manufacturers as well as others, GF Machining Solutions (Lincolnshire, IL) has launched the new MILL P 500 3-axis vertical milling machine in North America.The MILL P 500 delivers unparalleled levels of precision, reliability over extended machining periods and exceptional productivity. Thanks to its robust and thermostabilized polymer granite base platform, the MILL P 500 holds part tolerances to +/-4 microns and maintains positioning accuracy over extended machining times, deviating no more than5 microns during a 24-hour span. Paired with this machine positioning accuracy, an advanced 42,000-rpm, HSK-E40 Step-Tec spindle, as standard, gives shops competitive advantage in terms of shorter time to market by reducing time-consuming, secondary manual polishing operations.

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