Thread Former Boasts Longer Tool Life

Walter Sized

Walter (Waukesha, WI) has introduced the TC410 Advance HSS-E thread former, a versatile new TiN coated threading tool that’s cost-effective even for small and medium batch sizes. It can be used universally for blind and through-hole threads in most materials having a primary application in ISO material groups P, M and N and ISO K and S as a secondary application. Key advantages for using the TC410 Advance thread former are superior performance, reduced torque and longer tool life thanks to new geometry and a post-treatment after the coating process.

Walter offers the new TC410 Advance in two variants: With lubrication grooves for applications that need help getting coolant to the area where the forming is happening or without lubrication grooves for when the coolant is already pooled in the hole. Deeper threads up to 3.5 × DN can be produced in certain materials with these tools. Also offered are a wide variety of configurations covering thread styles, thread tolerances and shank standards, including an option for LH threads.

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