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Indoor Atomized Dust Control Creates Safer Workplaces

It's the latest addition to BossTek’s line of atomized mist cannons.

Db 10 Cutout 300dpi (1500x1680px) Copy

BossTek (Peoria, IL) introduced the compact DustBoss DB-10, the latest addition to BossTek’s line of atomized mist cannons. 

Engineered for enclosed working environments, the maneuverable unit provides suppression in a compact, portable design. The outcome is effective airborne particle control with fewer emissions, less standing water and a safer, more compliant workplace. 

Compact mist cannon features:

  • Mounted on two wheels with a tall handle
  • Light and easy to maneuver
  • ¾ HP fan delivers 3335 CFM of airflow, powered by 120-volt current
  • Circular manifold with 12 atomizing nozzles that fracture pressurized water into a fine mist
  • Fan forces air through the barrel then pushes millions of tiny droplets in a cone-shaped pattern up to 30 feet (10 meters)
  • Uses 0-50º vertical adjustment to reach into the rafters of warehouses or be directed at specific emission zones
  • Offered with standard wheeled carriage
  • Can be specified with alternate mounting

The DB-10 produces droplet sizes of 50-95 microns in size, roughly the same as the cross-section of a single human hair. Using less than ¼ of the water volume of a handheld 1 in. (25.4 mm) hose, the DB-10 fills the area with a dust-trapping mist that stops particulates from remaining airborne or migrating away from the area.

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