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Honeywell Introduces Next Generation ECOMAX LE Burner

Developed for furnace original equipment manufacturers.


Honeywell (Charlotte, NC) unveiled the ECOMAX LE burner with a metallic recuperator for indirect radiant tube heating applications such as tempering, hardening, continuous lines and annealing.

Developed for furnace original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that need to meet tightening global nitrogen oxide emissions requirements and end users who want to increase fuel gas savings, Honeywell’s latest ECOMAX family member features:

  • Low emissions
  • Process efficiency
  • Low operating costs

ECOMAX LE offers both flame and flameless operation, with a switching temperature of 850°C (1560°F).

  • Burner operates in flame mode until the switching temperature is reached, then switches to flameless mode.
  • Burners can run on up to 100% hydrogen without a significant increase in nitrogen oxide emissions.

The ECOMAX LE features on/off or high/low control, with direct spare ignition in flame mode.

When operating in low-nitrogen oxide mode, it uses temperature supervision, requiring a separate safety integrity level rated zone control unit such as a programmable logic controller or Kromschröder FCU furnace control device.  

ECOMAX LE is available in three sizes, with sizes one and three available now, and size two expected in November 2022.

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