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New Parts Washer Goes From Zero to Clean in 60 Seconds

It uses a solvent-free approach to parts washing.

Lawson Products

Lawson Products (Chicago, IL) introduced the Torrent System, a parts washer that uses a water-based surfactant blend. This unique, solvent-free approach to parts washing reduces employee risk while cleaning 90% of parts within one minute.

Torrents combine the joint action of pressure, temperature and chemistry to work five-times faster than automatic machines. Torrent's unique design clean where an automatic machine cannot. Powerful cleaning solution and corrosion inhibitors allows for the safe washing of all metals and materials.

Time and time again, a Torrent proves more cost-effective than traditional parts washers. Torrents cut hazardous waste costs by eliminating the use of solvent-based chemicals. Torrent also reduces labor costs by virtually eliminating the need for secondary cleaning with aerosols.

The Torrent combines the triple-action cleaning power of heat, chemistry and pressure for superior results.

Action 1 - Heat 

The aqueous cleaning solution is headed to 131°, activating the aqueous cleaners and loosening oils and greases.

Action 2 - Chemistry 

The aqueous cleaning chemistry is safer for users, produces zero VOCs and lifts deposits from the dirtiest parts. It also leaves behind a rust inhibitor for maximum protection of your cleaned parts.

Action 3 - Pressure 

Tough deposits are blasted away by the pressure of the Torrent parts washer, which is 10 times more powerful than other cabinet washers. The distinct advantage is that the pressure and solution can be directed by the user into all nooks and crannies that other cabinet washers can’t handle.

Features include:

  • Up to 5 times faster than traditional automatic parts cleaning
  • Up to 8 times faster than solvent-based manual washing
  • Sealed wash area creates a safer user experience
  • Enclosed spray area
  • Water nozzle & air blower
  • LED light
  • Front lid
  • Gloves

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