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STMicroelectronics Releases Energy-Efficient Autonomous Inertial Measurement Unit

The new IMU targets vibration sensing and motion tracking in industrial and robotics applications

ISM330BX Chip
ISM330BX Chip

The STMicroelectronics ISM330BX 6-axis inertial measurement unit (IMU) combines edge-AI processing, an analog hub for sensor expansion, and ST’s Qvar electric charge variations sensing with product-longevity assurance for industrial sensing and motion tracking applications.

The IMU contains a 3-axis gyroscope and a 3-axis accelerometer with a low-noise architecture and bandwidth up to 2kHz, suitable for vibration sensing in machine-tool condition-monitoring applications. Additional use cases include industrial and domestic robots and automated guided vehicles (AGV), intelligent appliances, and motion trackers.

Integrating ST’s edge-processing engine teams a machine-learning core (MLC) with AI algorithms and a finite state machine (FSM), the ISM330BX offloads the host processor and saves system power. The IMU also embeds ST’s Sensor Fusion Low-Power (SFLP) algorithm for 3D orientation tracking, which can enhance energy efficiency in applications like robotics and smart safety helmets. Leveraging adaptive self-configuration (ASC), the sensor can also automatically optimize its settings in real-time for performance and power. Additional features of the ISM330BX include:

  • Alleviated data transmission between the IMU and host system.
  • Offloading of the main processor, ensuring low latency and power consumption.
  • Energy-efficiency via direct connection of the external analog sensors to the edge-processing engine.
  • Integrated touch and close-proximity detection.

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