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New Additions to the Arduino Pro Ecosystem

Two new additions to the Arduino Pro ecosystem promise to connect LoRa® devices better than ever.

Lora Gateway Both Perspective 01

Arduino (Italy) and RAKwireless announced two industrial-grade gateways for LoRaWAN connectivity, with the WisGate Edge Lite 2 for indoor use and the WisGate Edge Pro for outdoor deployment.

The Arduino Pro WisGate Edge Lite 2 and WisGate Edge Pro, powered by RAKwireless:

  • Ensure connectivity for a range of professional applications.
  • Offer medium-sized to wide-area coverage in industrial environments and remote regions.

They are designed to facilitate innovation, with an intuitive out-of-the-box user experience for:

  • Easy setup and diagnostics
  • Exhaustive tutorials
  • Technical documentation
  • Mounting on DIN rails and poles, with enclosures for indoor and outdoor environments

They enable users to create and deploy complete industrial IoT and industry 4.0 applications – combining RAKwireless’s specific expertise and Arduino’s smooth user experience into high-quality solutions that promise to connect LoRa® devices.

WisGate Edge Lite 2 and WisGate Edge Pro are available to pre-order for $229 and $595, respectively.

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