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Cell Saves Space, Adds Flexibility to Welding Applications

Up to four robots can be added without changing the cell structure.

Abb Omni Vance Flex Arc Cell I

ABB (Zurich, Switzerland) launched its OmniVance FlexArc Compact, a welding application cell to help businesses address labor shortages in welding. 

The OmniVance FlexArc Compact helps manufacturers optimize space. Up to four robots can be added without altering the cell's structure, aiding flexibility. 

This modular solution incorporates the following components into one welding application-specific cell:

  • Robots
  • Controllers
  • Software
  • Peripherals

At 14.3m2, the OmniVance FlexArc Compact is the smallest arc welding cell in its class. Its 45-degree gantry robot mount design maximizes the robot’s working parameters by placing it in the center of a three-axis turntable, bringing it closer to the workpiece. 

Every OmniVance FlexArc cell can be simulated before commissioning with RobotStudio, ABB’s simulation and programming tool, which reduces integration time and effort and minimizes disruption. 

Features include:

  • FlexArc software suite that enables customers to collect and analyze data.
  • The option to integrate AMRs, material handling and quality inspection equipment.
  • The ability to scale up with additional cells.

The hardware and the software programs used to operate the cells can be easily replicated, either at a single site or across multiple sites.

By combining robot, gripper, controller, software and other components into a single application-specific solution, OmniVance cells require minimal integration effort and reduce the potential for errors.

The standardized design of OmniVance cells, coupled with ABB’s global footprint, ensures quick changeovers, easy expansion, and timely support.

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