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WM-200A Industry 4.0-Ready Networked Weld Monitor

Simplifies resistance welding data capture, storage and analysis on a network platform.


AMADA WELD TECH, Inc. (Monrovia, CA) announced the release of the IIoT ready WM-200A Networked Resistance Weld Monitor, which enhances resistance weld monitoring capability by simplifying data capture, storage and analysis on a networked platform.

The WM-200A:

  • Monitors all aspects of the resistance welding process.
  • Provides vital visual and statistical feedback during research and development as well as production environments.
  • Provides immediate feedback to the weld station by monitoring key aspects of the process and sending good/no good information to the process controller instantaneously during production. 
  • Enables users to collect high-resolution process data for manufacturing traceability, statistical data analysis, equipment efficiency and health. 

Data can be stored on an on-premise or cloud based server and viewed or downloaded from a remote location using the remote graphic user interface. 

The WM-200A monitored inputs include current, voltage, displacement and force. The monitor features:

  • An intuitive user interface for programming and access to view waveform and numeric data.
  • Custom viewing.
  • High resolution data capture (up to 200 kHz sample rate) that can simultaneously monitor eight different inputs and up to four distinct windowed process limits per primary channel. 

The WM-200A communicates with direct I/O and TCP/IP communication protocols; optionally, configure with an EtherNet/IP field bus to allow automated systems to communicate easily over a single communications cable.

Typically, WM-200A is connected to a large display on a personal computer for easy setup and viewing of waveforms and data via WM-Inspect software GUI.

Stored data is accessible by third party software suites for analysis for SPC, OEE and equipment health. The data is also available for current and future AI/ML software algorithms. 

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