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LED Work Light

This LED work light can operate using three different power sources.

Richpower Sized

Richpower Industries (Williamston, SC), the manufacturer of Genesis Power Tools and Powersmith Work Lights, has unveiled the Powersmith Voyager 8000 LM LED Work light, the first stand LED Work Light that operates using 3 different power sources. The light uses the included battery, AC wall power or the userโ€™s own power tool battery. It also folds down into a compact tube for transport and storage.

The Voyager is the perfect solution for your commercial, industrial, job-site, and home project lighting needs. The 4 adjustable light heads and telescoping tripod will project the light where it is needed. The Voyager comes with a 12V 8.8Ah Li-Ion Battery that will power the light for 1-1/2 hours at 8000 lumens, and up to 6 hours at 2000 lumens on a single charge., 888-552-8665

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