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Cushion Flex Flap Discs Available in Zirconia and Ceramic

Cushion Flex flap discs allow users to grind aggressively in corners and other tight spaces.

Weldcote Sized

New, premium, Cushion Flex zirconia and ceramic flap discs are now available from Weldcote (Kings Mountain, NC), a division of Zika Group. The Cushion Flex flap discs feature a unique design that allows users to have improved access to awkward areas and provide benefits on end caps, curved or contoured surfaces and fillet (corner) welds. Specifically:                   

  • Weldcote Cushion Flex flap discs are available in both high-quality zirconia and ceramic grains that promote fast metal removal.
  • Excellent for applications that require flexible materials, the type 27 C-SOLID flap discs are available in 4-1/2-inch sizes and in grits ranging from 40 to 80.
  • The Ceramic C-PRIME versions are available in 2 and 3 inches and grits ranging from 36 to 120.
  • The Zirconia Z-PRIME is available in 2 inches and grits ranging from 40 to 120.  , 704-739-4115

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