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Heavy-Duty Inspection/Rejection System

The unit can reject up to 2,000 containers per minute.


Teledyne TapTone (North Falmouth, MA) has unveiled their new Heavy Duty Ram Rejector that can reject up to 2,000 containers per minute. Additional features include:

  • Fixed stroke lengths of 3”, 1” or 1/2”.
  • Requires only a standard air supply and comes with a filter/regulator.
  • An oil-free cylinder design with a NEMA 4X IP65 environmental rating. 
  • Designed for tight production spaces and high-pressure washdown.
  • Conveyor or floor-mountable.
  • A heavy-duty base plate and cover that reduces vibration with additional soundproofing for quieter operation.
  • A non-rotating cylinder for longer life and increased cycle counts, without the need for lubrication.;

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