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Multi-filter Cartridge Housings from the ECOCART Series

Applications include parts cleaning, the production of paints and coatings and the automotive industry.

Eaton Sized

The requirements for filtration solutions in the water industry and other commercial applications are diverse. Eaton (Nettersheim, Germany) therefore offers operators a wide range of filter cartridge housings. To further expand the area of application, Eaton is now introducing multi-filter cartridge housings from the ECOCART series. The configurations for 3 to 12 filter cartridges (depending on regional offerings) enable the installation of both double open ended (DOE) and single open ended (SOE) filter cartridges, featuring standard differential pressure connections.

With an electropolished outer and pickled inner surface, the filter cartridge housings are not only suitable for applications in water treatment, but also for parts cleaning, the production of paints and coatings, and the automotive industry. Users can choose from heights for 10, 20, 30 and 40-inch filter cartridges. The ECOCART multi-filter cartridge housings meet filtration capacity and flow rate requirements across various applications, and is suitable for use in confined production spaces.

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