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Electrician-Invented Tool Safely Pulls, Bends, Moves Wires

It provides a non-conductive tool for reaching into a deep junction box, outlet box, switch or breaker panel to grab a wire.

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The concept behind the Voltclaw emerged nearly a decade ago. While on a job site working on a junction box, NTC founder Warren Tarbell and an apprentice were confronted with a breaker that couldn't be shut off.  Recalls Tarbell: "The apprentice said, 'I wish I had a toothbrush to pull this wire out of the box,' and that's what sparked the Voltclaw idea. Electricians want a non-conductive tool that lets them reach into a deep junction box, outlet box, switch or breaker panel and grab the wire."

After more than 80 prototypes, the Voltclaw-12 is now available, with features that include:

  • A rugged, impact-resistant nylon composition with no metal parts.
  • Non-conductive up to 1000V.
  • Smooth edges that allow an electrician to safely bend and move wires without damaging insulation.
  • An ergonomic design so minimal torque is required to secure, bend and pull wires.
  • Functionality that allows for: reaching inside crowded junction boxes and service panels to grab wires with either of the tool's two Pull Hooks; pushing, pulling or bending wires with the T-Groove; pushing wires back into outlets, switch boxes, GFCIs or other tight spaces with the tool's V-groove; creating a J-shaped loop on the end of a pre-stripped wire with the Loop Bender; removing or tightening twist-on wire connectors with the built-in wrench.


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