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Inverter for Facilities with Only a 120 Volt Source Available

The FR-E810W inverter complements the existing FR-E800 series inverter family by operating from a 120V source – a common voltage source.

Mitsubishi Sized

Mitsubishi Electric Automation, Inc. (Vernon Hills, IL) announces the launch of FR-E810W, an expansion of the FR-E800 series inverter lineup providing 120V service solutions. FR-E810W offers the improved safety, energy savings and operation reliability of FR-E800 inverters to an additional voltage class. Traditionally, customers using Mitsubishi Electric Automation’s 240V inverters, with 120V service, were required to purchase an external step-up transformer to increase the supply voltage from 120V to 240V. The FR-E810W provides 120V service solutions, saving on unnecessary added costs.

FR-E810W inverters offer the same capabilities and benefits as the other inverters in the FR-E800 series, including supporting CC-Link IE TSN technology, two Ethernet ports, enhanced predictive maintenance, and AI fault diagnostics. A significant benefit of the FR-E810W is that it relieves customers of the added cost of purchasing additional materials when only 120V service is available.

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