Air Knives for Cooling, Drying and Blow-Off

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Air Knives from Vortec (Cincinnati, OH) transform ordinary compressed air into a uniform sheet of amplified air that is ideal for blow-off of water and debris, static neutralizing and some high speed drying or cooling applications.

Features and details are outlined in Vortec’s newest video, which shows how filtered compressed air is amplified 25-times over its input, to deliver a powerful, high velocity sheet of laminar air over wide areas.

With no moving parts and no power source, Vortec Air Knives are inherently safe. Available in 3, 6, 9, 12, 18 and 24-inch lengths, these designs produce increased thrust and velocity, reduced noise, instant on/off and excellent uniformity, making them ideal for blow off of wood, laminates, metal sheets, surface cooling of electronics, metal and food products, cooling of molded parts, shrink wrapping, drying printing inks, containment of fumes and more. They require no maintenance and feature a 10-year warranty.; 800-441-7475

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