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Anywhere Power for 4-20 mA Level Sensors

The BinCloud Solar Gateway offers a solution for installing level sensors on hard-to-reach locations where powering them up is a challenge.

Bin Master Sized

The BinCloud Solar Gateway from BinMaster (Lincoln, NE) offers a solution for installing level sensors on bins or silos in hard-to-reach locations where powering them up is a challenge. The costs associated with hardwiring and hiring electricians can often hinder the path to automation and streamlining your operations. With the BinCloud Solar Gateway, you can now effortlessly monitor the fill levels of every bin or silo at any remote site, with hourly updates sent directly to the BinCloud software for automated inventory management.

Enjoy the benefits of automated inventory tracking even for bins situated in off-grid, remote areas. The BinCloud Solar Gateway efficiently provides the necessary power to operate two sensors and transmit data to the cloud once every hour. This system seamlessly integrates with non-contact radar level sensors or any 4-20 mA loop-powered sensors, ensuring compatibility and flexibility.

Installation of the BinCloud Solar Gateway is a breeze, and you won't see any increase in your energy expenses. The gateway is powered by a 50 W solar panel, which charges a Lithium battery pack located within the BinCloud Gateway. This battery is capable of sustaining two sensors and the gateway itself, responsible for data collection and transmission to the cloud.

Mounting the solar panel and gateway is straightforward and can easily affix to a wall or hand railing near the bin. In cases where no mounting structure is available nearby, an optional pole is securely bolted to the ground. The battery boasts an impressive 48-hour lifespan even without direct sunlight, ensuring continuous functionality as the level sensors take readings and the gateway transmits data once every hour.

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