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WD-40 Precision Pen Suited for Tight Spaces on Projects of All Sizes

The original WD-40 formula, now in a convenient, portable pen design.

Wd 40 Sized

WD-40 Brand (San Diego, CA) introduces its newest product innovation β€” the WD-40 Precision Pen.

The WD-40 Precision Pen is compact and portable, and engineered to deliver the WD-40 Multi-Use Product β€” the Original WD-40 Formula β€” with pinpoint precision. Ideally suited for tight spaces on projects of all sizes, the WD-40 Precision Pen is designed for use at home, on the job, in workshops, or for exploring new frontiers, and is a direct response from feedback received by end users.

WD-40 Brand says the WD-40 Precision Pen offers:

  • Versatility: with more than 1,000 uses, the trusted Original WD-40 Formula stops squeaks, protects against corrosion, loosens rusted parts, frees sticky mechanisms and drives out moisture.
  • Pinpoint precision every time: apply the exact amount of product to small areas and tight spaces with ease.
  • Controlled application: experience an easy, controlled flow of the Original WD-40 Formula thanks to the Precision Pen’s easy-to-hold design. 
  • Portable and pocket-sized: the pocket-sized Precision Pen fits perfectly in a tool belt, glovebox, or back pocket for quick fixes anytime, anywhere.
  • Multi-purpose use: perfect for work, home, DIY projects, and on-the-go repairs, the Precision Pen is an all-in-one solution.


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